Can you believe it – you’ve got this far and now it’s time to start serious childbirth preparation!

OMG it is so exciting as you check off the items on your baby checklist – and it’s such a great feeling knowing that you’re getting your home and yourselves ready for this very special little person who’s coming to live in YOUR home – and you can’t send them back!   (the baby I mean – not the items you purchase)

It’s easy to print off this baby checklist and it’s one of my most popular downloads – it gives you a list of the essential items newborn babies need.

Just a word here – every first time Mom and Dad is shocked to find that their newborn nearly doubles in size by the time baby is about 4 – 5 months – so all those gorgeous little outfits – soon become too “little” for your baby.   So when it comes to clothes – only buy a few of the very small newborn sizes.

Check through your baby checklist and if you feel comfortable with borrowing some items from friends who have had a baby – make sure they are well cleaned and that they comply with all the safety standards.

You can download your printable Newborn Baby Checklist by filling out the form below.

New Born Baby Checklist