How do I know when my baby has had enough to drink

In summary – your newborn baby will feed about eight times a day in the early weeks, be “settled” after most feeds, and be maintaining a steady weight gain (usually measured weekly) and be having about 7 to eight wet nappies a day, – that way you know he/she is getting enough!

Some professionals also take into account the number of bowel motions the baby is having, but as some breast-feeding babies can go for days without a bowel motion – I do not use this as a gauge.  Also, most importantly – the baby will no longer be showing signs of hunger, such as fist-sucking, mouthing etc.

My follow up to this Mom when her baby had not regained her birth-weight by 3 weeks of age, and had to have infant formula as well as breast-milk.   The Mom was very upset about this, but Lily quickly recovered, and they are going to try exclusive breast-feeding if she is continuing to gain weight as she should.

Michelle also says:
“Other than that, have twice gone out with Lily on my own – to be weighed yesterday at the local clinic, and brought her home from the Birth Unit on my own today. So feeling very proud of myself.”

My reply:

As for going out with Lily on your own – well done – until you have had to do it – you can’t imagine what is involved.
I remember being on holiday with friends when my baby was about 6 weeks old – it was extremely rare for me ever to be able to get food into my mouth – and everyone else would be eating away, and as for going out – they would be gone, and in the car – and I would be packing and remembering etc. and wishing I could just rush out too!

Get that “going out baby-bag” of yours really well organised – and always replace what you have used – immediately you get back!!  (I initially refused to get a bag together!!!- I thought with all my qualifications – I didn’t need one!! – big mistake!!)