Baby jogging strollers

It is very tempting – once your newborn baby has arrived – to think that your exercise and fitness regime is not going to be affected.   This includes both Mom and Dad.   Sorry to put the brakes on those images of you – running with your baby jogging stroller – baby asleep – while you regain – or maintain your trim taut and terrific figure.

Baby jogger strollers are not recommended for newborn babies – this is because your baby’s neck muscles are not strong enough to support their head safely – and the bouncing motion is certainly not going to do their delicate developing brain tissue any good.

Some manufacturers of baby jogging strollers have adaptors so that you can strap your baby into the infant safety seat into the jogging stroller – however – medical experts believe that jogging with them is still not a good idea for new babies.    There seems to be some debate as to whether you could start using the infant safety seat strapped into the jogging stroller by about three months of age.   The accepted age to start jogging with the baby jogging stroller – is 6 months of age.

I suppose – as a Health Care Professional – I am very cautious – and I personally would not want to risk any baby sustaining  brain damage from the continuous jarring motion.

There are infant strollers now eg. Phil and Teds stroller – that work perfectly well as a stroller (it includes the infant car safety seat) which is also used to carry baby, which once it is safe to run with your baby – you then can use it as a baby jogging stroller.   You often have to consider the practicality of big price baby items, that you may only use for a few months – so an item that can safely adapt to another stage of your baby’s life – could be a good investment.   Another popular stroller is the baby trend jogger stroller.  Make sure you get all the information you need including manufacturers instructions – before making your choice on which is the best baby jogging stroller.