How do I increase my milk supply

a) you yourself need to increase your fluid intake – suggest you have a bottle of water at hand while you are feeding
Also get your midwife or lactation consultant to check that your baby is correctly attached, and be sure your baby is  emptying one breast completely and therefore is getting the “hindmilk” which is more satisfying for your newborn baby.
b) put the baby to the breast more often – if the baby is sleepy – express the breasts/ pump breast milk when baby has finished feeding –    using a pump makes this much easier – these can usually be hired from the pharmacy or hospital, or breast-feeding  associations.  Read our Pumping Breast milk section for more information
c) medications which need to be prescribed by a doctor, such as Maxalon tablets
d) there are natural remedies such as fenugreek tea and blessed thistle which are said to help