What do I do if my milk supply doesn’t come in properly

Firstly, the more you worry about it – the more you slow down the supply!!- which of course doesn’t help at all.

So – accept all offers of support – particularly for things not related to the baby – offers of shopping help, cooking meals, cleaning etc, so that you reduce the demands placed on you – and you can focus on your baby.

Nature is so absolutely incredible – that within a 24hour period – you will notice that the supply is starting to change – as you change the demands you place on it.

If there is no medical concern regarding the baby’s health – as you take steps to increase your supply – you will notice a positive change in your baby’s behaviour, and you will know that you are on the right track, and within a couple of days – you will know that you have turned the corner.

Because formula (or artificial) feeding, is such a poor second hand choice, we avoid it at all costs.
These risks are:
1) increase risk of your baby being sick i.e 5 times more likely to be hospitalized with infections in the first year of life
2) even brief exposure to formula can affect the immune system leading to increase risk of developing Type 1 Diabetus
3 )these babies grow into adults who are more likely to have problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and be overweight
4 )the mother herself increases her own risk of ovarian and breast cancer – etc.
When you have a baby, you are introduced to a world where you make the best choice you can – under the circumstances.
If there is a medical reason (continued poor weight gain etc) – then additional feeding is given with an infant formula, preferably one that is the closest in make-up to breast milk, and in my opinion, one that the baby is least likely to develop an allergy to – so cow’s milk is always the last on my list of recommendations.   I personally like goat’s milk infant formula.

The mother would continue all her practices to increase her supply, until there is sufficient milk, and the infant formula can be discontinued.

A word of warning here:

My experience has shown me, that where the parents are really struggling with breast-feeding and feel that they have no choice in the matter – they are the ones most likely to throw in the towel, and give away the breast-feeding.
The early weeks of motherhood can be very challenging, and sometimes – for the sake of sanity – it is necessary to use infant formula – hopefully not exclusively, and hopefully just temporarily.

In my opinion, the mother’s state of mind is crucially important, as she is no good to anyone if she falls in a heap – it is best if interventions are carried out – before she is stressed to the limit!  … a happy mother = a happy baby and vice versa!

Usually breast-feeding is established within the first month, and then both Mother and baby can go on to enjoy the benefits – which last a lifetime!!