Become a Bringing Baby Home Educator and help expecting couples and new parents successfully navigate this huge change in their life!

RESEARCH shows that the majority of couples invest time in pregnancy,  birthing care and information and setting up the nursery etc – but do little if any preparation, for the changes that come when BABY comes home to live with them.

Come learn how you can equip couples to:

  • Manage the stresses and conflicts that ALL new parents experience – though no-one talks about this!
  • Recognise their baby’s emotional and psychological needs, and raise an emotionally healthy child
  • Learn even better ways to communicate and make their relationship stronger (mostly couples think they don’t need this, and are surprised at how their relationship can get even stronger!)
  • Create a strong parenting team by involving BOTH parents
  • Recognise signs of mood disorders in Mum or Dad and how to minimize the effects

The EDUCATOR TRAINING is designed for Professionals who work with expecting parents and new parents

At the 2 day BBH TRAINING you will receive:

  • Gottman Educator Training manual:   300 pages.   Developed and written by Drs John and Julie Gottman and Master Trainers.   Includes all the research, exercises and teaching tools to teach the BBH workshop effectively.
  • One Couples Manual:  250 pages, full of guides and information, resources and interactive exercises, parenting tips and research
  • Six Card Decks:  Couples love these interactive cards used in the BBH workshop, and they continue to use at home.   These include:  Love Map Cards;  Love Map Cards for Couples with Kids;  Open-Ended Question Cards;  Father’s Cards;  Expressing Needs Cards;  Softened Start-up Cards
  • PowerPoint for Educators.   Revised and updated, this PowerPoint includes the complete BBH workshop.   Contains over 150 slides so that you can present your own workshop.   The PowerPoint is divided into Chapters and includes graphics and charts etc.   The Powerpoint download link will be provided by email
  • BBH Videos:   With Dr John Gottman.   “What’s Baby Saying?” and “Let’s play with Baby” which help couples with understanding what their baby is trying to communicate, and how to play co-operatively with their partner, while they interact with their baby – these are advantageous for Baby’s development.
  • Organisational Resources, including how to market your workshop, work out your budget and other tools to administer your BBH Couples Workshop