Breast feeding is natural – what is that supposed to mean

This remark really gets me going – it’s as though a new mother is a bitch with new pups!

Sex is natural – so what does that mean for you – sex can be fun, it can hurt, it could be the best thing in the world, it can be yukky, it depends on who you are having sex with, and who is watching – it is most probably fairly different each time – I mean it depends on so many things!!!!! and the same goes for breast feeding.
And just by the way, some people like doing it in private.

Yes Breast Feeding is “natural”, but that does not mean that natural and easy mean the same thing.

After years and years of experience, I believe that Breast Feeding is a learning process – by working with your baby’s natural instinctive behaviour, and with gentle supervision, especially in the early days, (preferably without too many spectators), this will  it will be one of the most special, intimate aspects of caring for your new baby. The first few days are usually when most difficulties are encountered, usually these are simply sorted out, and breast feeding then can progress on to be the easiest – most natural thing in the world!!!