Breast Feeding Pumps

The benefits of pumping breast milk have been previously explained.
Choosing the right breast feeding pump can make your life a lot easier – and save you a lot of time – and as every first time Mom realises – these are two very important factors.
If you are serious about quickly establishing your supply – you will most probably opt for the electric breast pumps, and to make life even easier – the double breast pump will halve your pumping time.

The most popular breast pumps are the Ameda (purely yours breast pump) and the Medela breast pumps.   They are available for hire or purchase.   As one new Mum recently said when asked  about breast pumps she was using with her second baby:

“They are both electric and FANTASTIC.  One is Medela and the other is Ameda.  I need to start expressing now in preparation for return to work – sigh – so will be using them a lot.  The double pump is fantastic.

Ameda lactaline is the double pump – it is Awesome.

The single electric one is the Medela Swing.  It is good for travelling etc if you don’t want to take the biggie.”

So look out for the Medela electric breast pump or Medela mini electric breast pump and the Ameda breastpump – particularly the Purely yours or Ameda double breast pump.   The Medela accessories and Ameda accessories are generally easily available.