So you’re going to be a dad …. Awesome!

The only problem is this whole thing is a bit of a shock!   You’re getting used to the idea.   You don’t feel you’re quite ready, and the “what ifs” keep running through your head.

Sure, you also feel excited.   And you want to be a GREAT DAD, right?  You probably always said to yourself:  “When I’m a dad, I’m going to do things differently.   I’m going to be a better dad than my dad was (things aren’t the same now anyway).   My kid’s going to grow up knowing that he’s loved, and that he’s OK just as he is”.

Becoming a Dad CAN be one of the most awesome experiences of your life.   Recently in a survey I asked new Dads what was the best thing about being a dad.   Here are some of the responses:  “Seeing your baby smile at you!”;   “I never knew I could love someone so much”, “Coming home to my baby and seeing the smile on her face everyday.   When she does new things it makes me so proud … and that I am being a great dad to her”.

You might be thinking – but it doesn’t work out like that for everyone – and you’re right.   Most of what you’ll hear is the good stuff – but for some unknown reason other Dads don’t fill you in on the whole picture – the challenges that come with this incredible experience.   If you knew what these challenges were – you at least could prepare for them – like climbing a very high mountain – you’d know it’s going to take time and that you need certain skills, a certain level of fitness, maybe even certain equipment.   If you decided to just start climbing one day and you’ll “wing it” as you go – you could end up somewhere you don’t want to be!   So earlier this year I asked new Dads what they wished they had know BEFORE they brought their baby home – the kind of stuff they believed would make that transition to becoming a DAD easier.

Here at First Time Parent we want EVERY baby to grow up happy and confident – in a loving family environment which brings out their greatest potential.   A kid raised in a family where Mom and Dad themselves are happy and fulfilled.    The first year of a baby’s life is a “critical development period” when certain things that happen to the baby’s brain cannot be undone later – we’ll explain it all to you – in simple easy to follow language and we’ll help you discover the secrets to a happy pregnancy and a happy partnership with Mom.   We’ll save you hours of distress and quickly skyrocket you to enjoy those first days home with your new baby – knowing that this is the start of a special relationship with YOUR baby – that will last a lifetime!   Our team of experts (Midwives, Lactation Consultant, Newborn baby Specialist Nurse, Psychologist, Relationship experts) will give you insights into the changes your Partner is experiencing – and you’ll have opportunities to share what’s happening for you.   Our focus is also to help you quickly learn safe parenting skills – so that you have the confidence to  start getting to know YOUR baby – asap – through our online new parent videos – and through our Newborn Baby Care sections.   All information given is simple and easy to follow.  Our new DADS FORUM is a place for your to share your thoughts and experiences with other expecting Dads.   These discussions will help prepare you for the changes in your relationship with your Partner – so that you can improve your communication skills – and work together – creating a loving environment for your baby.

Sign up now for our week by week pregnancy information (lower right hand corner PREGNANCY – and start getting to know your baby – even before your baby is born.   Don’t forget to let us know once he/she has arrived – and then don’t miss your copy of “Avoid the 5 Biggest New Parent Mistakes” which includes tips for a New Dad.

We’re here for you …. every step of the way ….your involvement is crucial to how things work out for YOUR baby – so come on – let’s get you ready… We know there’s a great DAD inside you!

Thanks and ENJOY!